Stock Management System

Stock Management System


This Software focuses on the Business. This is suitable for any type business. It’s a C# Desktop Application & database ms access.

10 entries Available for the Demo Software:

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Username & Password: admin
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    Database Backup
    Database Restore
    Tax Management
    Product Master
    Customer Management
    Payment Management
    Automatic Invoice Number Generation
    Customer Statement Reports

Stock Management Software Details :

- add , edit and delete your product
- Manage product stock
- add , edit and delete Party List
- add , edit and delete Purchase and Sales List
- Manage Party Credit and Debit Amount. Like Reminder..
- View Party Statement Report on Party and Date wise Filter and print
- View All Report on Party and Date wise Filter and Print
- Dashboard show : Total Item , Top 3 Sale Item Sold, Total Purchase Item, Total Sales Item
- Software support  sales billing in A4 and A5 paper size
- You Can Change Password , Set Your Database Location, Set Your Image , Logo and another Details..


    .Net Framework 4.6
    MS Access 2007
    Windows 7 , 8, 8.1 and 10


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