How to Drag & Drop todo list in PHP Laravel?

Preetii Hirani

  -  Drag and Drop feature make web page user-friendly and provides a good user interface for the web application.

  -  Using jQuery and jQuery UI library, the drag & drop functionality can be implemented easily.

  -  If you’re developing a web application that listing task or items, then you can easily drag & drop functionality in your web application to increase user experience.

  -  We will also use MySQL database table to display items and also order of items after drag and drop reorder.

  - So in this article you will learn how to implement drag & drop functionality in PHP Laravel.

  1.    Make Php Page

<div class="task_box">

       <div class="column" id="pending">

   <h1>All Tasks</h1>

   @foreach($pending_tasks as $task)

        <div class="list-group-item" data-id="{{ $task->id }}" draggable="true"  >{{ $task->name       }}</div>



        <div class="column" id="progress">

    <h1>In progress</h1>

    @foreach($progress_tasks as $task)

          <div class="list-group-item" data-id="{{ $task->id }}" draggable="true" >{{ $task->name }}</div>



         <div class="column" id="complete">


     @foreach($complete_tasks as $task)

           <div class="list-group-item" data-id="{{ $task->id }}" draggable="true">{{ $task->name }}</div>





  2.    Define Script

<script src= ""></script>

<script src=""></script>

And sortable() function to perform sorting or reordering using Ajax.

<script type="text/javascript">


    connectWith: '.column',

    ghostClass: "blue-background-class",


$('.list-group-item').click(function (event) {



    var id = $(this).attr('data-id');

    var status = $(this).parent().attr('id');


        url: "<?php echo URL('/update_task') ?>",

        data: 'status=' + status + '&id=' + id,

        type: "get",

        success: function (data) {






3.    Route

Route::get('update_task', [MyTaskController::class, 'update_task'])->name('update_task');

   4.    PHP Script(Controller)

public function index(Request $request) {

        $pending_tasks = Task::where('status', 'pending')

                        ->orderBy('id', 'DESC')->get();

        $progress_tasks = Task::where('status', 'progress')

                        ->orderBy('id', 'DESC')->get();

        $complete_tasks = Task::where('status', 'complete')

                        ->orderBy('id', 'DESC')->get();

        return view('my_tasks', compact('pending_tasks', 'progress_tasks', 'complete_tasks'));




public function update_task(Request $request, Task $task) {

        $status = $request->get('status');

        $id = $request->get('id');


        $task = Task::find($id);

        $task->status = $status;


        return 'Task Update successfully.';



In this article, we first fetched items from the database and created a dynamic jQuery drag & drop todo list and applied drag & drop feature.

Finally, as the item is dropped, the status of the item is updated in the database table using an AJAX request to the server.



     not working chrome


     not working on chrome.

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