What is Progressive Web App (PWA)?

Preetii Hirani

  -       Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) is a web application that used to develop Web applications which is different than native mobile apps.

  -       It is quick, receive push notifications, access it offline, and install it on the home screen.

  -       Web-based progressive web apps are becoming an increasingly viable solution to many mobile applications.

  -       They are less costly and less time-consuming to develop and are more widely available.

  -      The responsiveness of PWAs makes them fit and display well on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

  -       A service worker is a key component of PWAs that allows an app to provide offline sync, local caching, and communication between the worker thread and the main browser thread.

  -       Progressive Web Apps updates are automatic. The app does not notify its user about the upcoming updates and does not require user permission to update itself.

  -       A progressive Web App development makes the application load faster than a regular websites.

  -       The updates are independent, you don't need to visit the play store for an update.

  -       When there is no network access in PWA, the mobile browser uses the application's cache memory to run the PWA program while offline.


How Does a Progressive Web App Work?

  -       To make a web app a progressive app, a web app manifest, service worker and using HTTPS are the main requirements.


  1.    Web App Manifest

    -       A web app manifest adds native mobile app experience to a web application that includes a home app icon, splash screen, and launching an app from the icon in full-screen mode without a browser URL bar. The manifest also manages the app rotation and typography on different mobile screens.

    -       Here example of manifest.json file:

  2.   Service Worker

-       A service worker in PWA is responsible for running some tasks such as notifications, push messages, and sync in the background.

-       Here example of service_worker.js file:


-       Here example of index.php file:

-       Some of the popular PWA apps include Facebook, Pinterest, Flipkart, Telegram, Google Maps, Uber, Starbucks, Twitter, Forbes, and Tinder.


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