What is Cognitive Computing?

Preetii Hirani

·       Cognitive Computing is the system of human thought processes in a computerized environment.

·       Cognitive computing is the self-learning system, which include in data mining( process used to usable extract data from a larger set of any data ), pattern recognition.

·       The goal of cognitive computing is to create automated computerized system, and that capable of solving problems without any human help.

·       Cognitive computing must be:

1.    Adaptive

2.    Interactive

3.    Interactive

4.    Contextual

5.    Stateful

·       Cognitive-based system, such as IBM Watson, are able to build knowledge and learn, understand natural language, and interact more naturally with human begins than traditional systems.

·       Cognitive computing handles human kinds of all problems.

·       Cognitive computing systems redefine the nature of the relationship between people and their increasingly digital environment.

·       While computers have been faster at calculations and processing than humans for decades, They haven't been able to accomplish tasks that humans take for simple, like understanding natural language.

·       Some people say that cognitive computing represents the third era of computing.

·       This system process could be done for any field in which large quantities of complex data need to be processed and analyzed to solve problems.

·       Cognitive technology empowers the IT infrastructure of an enterprise.

·       Using cognitive systems for product recommendations, pricing optimization, and fraud detection.


Goal of Cognitive Computing:-

·       The goal of cognitive computing is to create automated IT systems that are capable of solving problems without any requiring human assistance and any human help.

·       It converses human language and helps experts in better decision making by understanding the complexities of Big Data


Examples of already used this system:-

1.    Google

2.    Cisco

3.    IBM

4.    Microsoft

5.    eDiscovery

6.    eCommerce

Cognitive Computing Applications:-

1.    Cognitive computing is making our homes and offices more secure.

2.    cognitive computing is making cars smarter.

3.    IBM Watson can read 40 million documents in 15 seconds.

4.    Education


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