How to rename IOS project in Xcode

Maniisha Gorasiya

Sometimes we want to create a new project with exist functionality which already used in other project. Don't waste your time to create new project. Just Rename your exist project and new project is ready! This article & video much useful and save time & efforts. This video helps you to rename an iOS project in Xcode within 2-3 minutes. There are some easy steps to rename and create a new project from the old one.

There are a few steps:

- Click on the 'Project Navigator' and at the top - right side select  the 'File Inspector' and enter New Project and & Press ENTER.

- In the top bar, click on Project name > Manage scheme, Click on the old project name, and it will be editable now, change the name with New and press ENTER

- Quit Xcode, Rename the all folder name and their files name by long press on it from Finder where your project located

Remove the pod files from Finder, Before delete it don’t forget to keep copy of the ‘podfile’ for further use.  (If Project has not pod than skip this step)

- Reopen the project, rename the all folder name by press on it. Click on the folder with the old name & choose the newly renamed folder from location at right side  of xcode.

- Re-install the pod from Terminal using ‘pod init’ command (set the path of your project location before pod init)
Open the pod file, copy-paste from old pod file, save the pod file (cmd+s).
Run the ‘pod install’ command in terminal.
Now your xcode main file is with .xcworkspace extension
(skip this step if project has not pod)

- Open xcode project, go to Build Setting and search - ‘plist’, enter your new bundle identifier on click ‘Project Bundle Identifier’.

- Clean (shift+cmd+k), Build(cmd+b) and Run your app

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     What version of xcode will support for this articles??

 Version 9.0

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