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  • On 14/03/1965, on Sunday Vikram Sahant 2021, on the day of Fagun Sud Ekadashi, a meeting of Patel Caste of Kutch was taken at Saraswati Vidyalaya, organized by the Patel Caste Board, which was persuaded to form a society. The Constitution was ratified on 26/12/1965, Retrieved 27/02/1966. Since then, the society has tried to make education available to the students from standard 1 to high school to date, then historic works in community, sports, travel tourism and health have come true. Co-operation of socialists in social development, purushartha, superb faith and strong faith in society and many of the mind-rich services have become a force in nature. This institute is the mother organization of the Kshichi Leela Patel community. Goal and objective Increase the Bhatbhava and organization in the caste. Take away the activities related to education, removing illiteracy. Help the caste in an unexpected accidental event. Helping disabled, destitute sufferers To maintain the limits of religion in the caste, organize community-related activities. To improve the economic, social and sexual conditions of the castes and to conduct themselves to live a life of self-sufficient. Water conservation, agricultural lift, environment maintenance, health - work for education. With regards to the self-respect of the caste, activities should be taken to live in the nation mainstream.
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